Program of the 14th European congress of internal medicine

14 October 2015

17:30-20:30 Grand Hall

Opening ceremony


15 October 2015

08:30-09:50 Hall A

Infectious Diseases (oral presentations)

Chairs: V.V. Makashova (Moscow, Russian Federation)M. Durusu Tanriover(Ankara, Turkey)

  1. Filipa Alçada, C. Faria, S. Chan, F. Henriques, L. França, N. Ferreira, A. Pimentel, P. Viana (Leiria, Portugal) “Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in a Portuguese intensive care unit”
  2. J. Frutuoso, Patricia Soares, J. Oliveira, M. Lopes, J. Vaz (Beja, Portugal) “What antibiograms taught me last year?”
  3. G. Goltzman, Sivan H. Perl, R.A. Slater, T. Lazarovitch, D. Cantrell, M.J.Rapoport (Rishon Lezion, Israel) “Clinical implications of changing bacterial flora of infected diabetic foot ulcers - 12 years experience in a large referral center”
  4. Khwaja N. Uddin, S.R. Afroze, M.A. Rahim, L. Barai, J.A.Haq (Dhaka, Bangladesh) “Melioidosis in Bangladesh”
  5. Veronica Rico Caballero, G. Martínez-Nadal, A. Téllez, E. Martínez, S. Fernández, J.M. Miró, P. Castro, J.M. Nicolás (Barcelona, Spain) “Current epidemiology of HIV-infected patients admitted to the intensive care unit”
  6. A. Vilas-Boas, Joao Rosinhas, M. Tadeu, A. Afonso, A. Marçal, A. Moreira, S. Camões (Matosinhos, Portugal) “Infective endocarditis – 8 years in review”
  7. A.Achouiti, Vos, C. van’t Veer, S. Florquin, P.P. Nawroth, A. Bierhaus, T. van der Poll, Marieke A.D.van Zoelen(Utrecht, the Netherlands) “Receptor for advanced glycation end-products serves a protective role during Klebsiella pneumoniae"
  8. Gilbert Glady (Colmar, France) “Epstein-Barr virus. An old enemy but new diagnostic guidelines and finally effective strategies using microRNAs”


08:30-09:50 Hall B

Endocrinology (oral presentations)

Chairs:D. Dicker(Petach Tikva, Israel), I. Ruza (Riga, Latvia)

  1. Antonina V. Starodubova, O.A. Kislyak, G.I. Storozhakov (Moscow, Russian Federation) “Age-specific associations between obesity and sub-clinical cardiac or vascular changes in women”
  2. N.I. Volkova, Ilya U. Davidenko, M.I. Porksheyan, I.B. Reshetnikov, U.A.Rudakova (Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation) “Ultrasonography as a new method of invisible lipohypertrophy diagnostics”
  3. N.I. Volkova, Maria I. Porksheyan, S.A. Kanaeva, I.Y. Davidenko, I.B.Reshetnikov (Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation) “Current features of clinical presentations and diagnostics of pheochromocytoma”
  4. Y. Yadgerov, Dana Marcoviciu, V. Beilin, H. Lerman-Shibak, D. Dicker (Petach-Tikva, Israel) “Glucose control in the transition from the internal medicine department to the community: successes, failures and insights”
  5. Elena V. Korneeva (Surgut, Russian Federation) “Gender aspects of obesity in patients with metabolic syndrome”
  6. Zara Soares, D. da Cruz, J. Louro, M. Custódio, J. Barata (Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal) “Hypomagnesaemia and glycemic control in diabetes – the reality in a Portuguese hospital”
  7. Ángel P. Crisolino Pozas, L. Mateos Polo (Salamanca, Spain) “Behavior of liraglutide in a type 2 diabetes population with several cardiovascular risk factors”
  8. Ferhat Deniz,A. Kepez, S.A.Ay, O. Erdogan, K. Basköy, M.N.Guncıkan, Z. Dogan, A. Yonem (Istanbul, Turkey) “Evaluation of electrocardiographic parameters in patients with diabetes insipidus”


08:30-09:50 Hall C

Cardiology (oral presentations)

Chairs: J.D. Kobalava (Moscow, Russian Federation), D. Lovic (Nis, Serbia)

  1. Carlos Anjo, M. Satendra, A.R. Victor, S. Longo, et al. (Lisbon, Portugal) “Risk factors association in cardiac pacemaker infection: 4 year follow–up”
  2. Eduardo J. Carvajal Ronderos, L.C. Carrera Bolaños, J.M. Urbano Gálvez (Elvas, Portugal) “A comparison among some electrocardiographic and echocardiographic variables with ventricular mass index to detect left ventricular hypertrophy”
  3. Giovanni M. Vincentelli, M. Monti, M.R. Pirro, M. Ciammaichella, et al. (Assisi, Italy) “Venous thromboembolism prophylaxis in the emergency department: a new score”
  4. Umida K. Kamilova, T.A.Alieva (Tashkent, Uzbekistan) “Evaluating the effectiveness of long-term treatment with beta-blockers in the quality of life of patients with chronic heart failure”
  5. A.A. Klimenko, Victoria S. Shemenkova, N.A. Shostak (Moscow, Russian Federation) “Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension associated with thrombophilia: more than meets the eye”
  6. Alexander Korytny, N. Andria, I. Abboud, D. Aronson, G. Berger, Z.S. Azzam, E. Braun (Haifa, Israel) “Blood urea nitrogen as a prognosis predictor in patients hospitalized with acute decompensated heart failure”
  7. Elizaveta O. Kotova, P.V. Lazarev, L.M. Golostyonova, G.K. Kiyakbayev, V.S.Moiseev (Moscow, Russian Federation) “Infective endocarditis in intravenous drug users: cardiorenal relationships”
  8. Natalia V. Lareva, A.V. Govorin, E.V. Luzina (Chita, Russian Federation) “Gender features of chronic heart failure”


08:30-09:50 Hall D

General internal medicine (oral presentations)

Chairs: K.I. Tebloev (Moscow, Russian Federation), A. Baptista (Loures, Portugal)

  1. G.E. Roytberg, Natalia V. Kondratova (Moscow, Russian Federation) “Medication management improvement: double check by certified pharmacist or electronic medical system - what is better to avoid medication errors?”
  2. Micaela La Regina, A. Marinaro, F. Corsini, F. Marchini, P. Bonanni, L. Scuotri, E. Pacetti, F. Orlandini, F. Dentali (La Spezia, Italy) “Padua prediction score and improve bleeding risk score as predictors of in-hospital mortality”
  3. Ilana Levy, S. Attias, L. Goldstein, E. Ben-Arye, E. Schiff (Haifa, Israel) “Serious adverse events due to interactions with dietary and herbal supplements among inpatients”
  4. S. Lascasas, J.C. Abreu, A.L. Antunes, C. Barbosa, Antonio M. Gonçalves(Porto, Portugal) “Is bioethics moving away from patient and clinical practice?”
  5. Monica Seidi, A. Nunes, T. Romão, G. Benites, A. Mello e Silva, A. Rego (Lisbon, Portugal) “Tumor markers - shall we use it in clinical practice?”
  6. Ilduara Pintos Pascual, V. Moreno-Torres Concha, G.M. Lledó Ibañez, F. Roque Rojas, R. Ríos Garcés, E. Hernández Álvarez, I. Millán Santos,V. Cuervas-Mons Martínez(Madrid, Spain) “Incidence and etiology of hyponatremia within emergency wards in a third-level hospital”
  7. 7.  Raffaele Manna, R. Cauda, S. Feriozzi, G. Gambaro, A. Gasbarrini, D. Lacombe, A. Livneh, A. Martini, H. Ozdogan, A. Pisani, E. Riccio, E. Verrecchia, L. Dagna (Rome, Italy)A novel diagnostic algorithm for recurrent fever of unknown origin”
  1. R. Nardi, Stefania Frasson, C. Nozzoli, G. Gussoni, et al. (Milan, Italy)“How to develop a new comprehensive predictive model to evaluate the complexity of patients hospitalized in internal medicine? The COMPLIMED study by the Italian scientific society FADOI”


10:00-11:30 Hall A

Modern aspects of antibacterial therapy

Chairs: S.K. Zyryanov (Moscow, Russian Federation), M. van Agtmael (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

  1. Sergey K. Zyryanov (Moscow, Russian Federation) “New antibiotics and their formulations in GP practice”
  2. Michiel van Agtmael (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)“What is appropriate antibiotic prescribing? The role of antimicrobial stewardship”
  3. Marina V. Sukhorukova (Smolensk, Russian Federation) «Antibiotic resistance of community acquired pathogens: current trends»
  4. Svetlana A. Rachina (Smolensk, Russian Federation) «Community-acquired pneumonia: role of the National guidelines»
  5. Mine Durusu Tanriover(Ankara, Turkey) “Vaccine preventable diseases in adults: epidemiology, clinical impacts and vaccination strategies”
  6. Pedro Beirão, A.P. Pereira, J. Martins, C. Craveiro, I. Pires (Almada, Portugal) “Adequate use of antimicrobial therapy in various wards - a cross sectional study in a tertiary hospital”


10:00-11:30 Hall B

Actual topics of endocrinology

Chairs: J.W. Elte (Gouda, the Netherlands), N.I. Volkova (Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation)

  1. Jan Willem Elte (Gouda, the Netherlands) “Thyroid disease: focus on the thyroid nodule”
  2. Natalya I. Volkova (Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation) "Why should internist keep in mind Cushing syndrome?"
  3. Ieva Ruza (Riga, Latvia) "Endocrine masks in internal medicine"
  4. Irena A. Ilovaiskaya (Moscow, Russian Federation) «Premature ageing in women of reproductive age»
  5. Margus Lember (Tartu, Estonia) «Vitamin D related health problems»


10:00-11:30 Hall C

Registries in internal medicine

Chairs: S.Y. Martsevich (Moscow, Russian Federation), G. Gussoni (Milan, Italy)

  1. Sergey S. Yakoushin, Evgeny V. Filippov (Ryazan, Russian Federation) «Traditional risk factors and mortality from chronic non-communicable diseases in typical region of Russian Federation (MERIDIAN Study)"
  2. Gualberto Gussoni (Milan, Italy) "Patients profile, management and outcome of venous thromboembolism: findings from more than 50,000 cases enrolled in the worldwide RIETE Registry"
  3. Sergey Y. Martsevich (Moscow, Russian Federation) «Clinical guidelines and real practice: analysis of Registry of patients with stroke»
  4. Alexey D. Erlikh (Moscow, Russian Federation) "Evolution of treatment of acute coronary syndrome during last years in Russian Federationn Federation based on results of RECORD registries"
  5. Evgeny V. Zhilyaev  (Moscow, Russian Federation) Scientific and practical aspects of registries in rheumatology. The experience and results of the Moscow Common Arthritis Registry
  6. Mikhail M. Loukianov (Moscow, Russian Federation) «Outpatient registry of cardiovascular diseases (RECVASA): evaluation of risk factors, diagnostics, treatment and outcomes in real medical practice»


10:00-11:30 Hall D

Rheumatology / Autoimmune diseases

Chairs: E.L. Nasonov (Moscow, Russian Federation), E. Kucharz (Katowice, Poland)

  1. Evgeny L. Nasonov (Moscow, Russian Federation) “New treatment paradigm for the management of rheumatoid arthritis: Russian experience and recommendations»
  2. Eugene Kucharz (Katowice, Poland) «Rheumatic disease and malignancy: from bench to bedside»
  3. Vadim I. Mazourov (St.-Petersburg, Russian Federation) Innovative treatments of rheumatoid arthritis
  4. Shirley Rigby (Warwick, United Kingdom) “Gout - a treat to target approach”
  5. Andrey P. Rebrov, Inna Z. Gaydukova (Saratov, Russian Federation) «Treatment of axial spondyloarthritis – new opportunities»
  6. Vilen V. Rameev, M.V. Bogdanova, Lidiya V. Kozlovskaya (Moscow, Russian Federation) “Autoinflammatory diseases: the diagnostic and prognostic significance of S100A12”


11:40-12:20 Grand Hall

Honorary lectures

  1. Evgeny I. Chazov (Moscow, Russian Federation) "The ways of improvement of cardiac care"
  2. Oleg Y. Atkov (Moscow, Russian Federation) “Space, as a new human environment. Health risks“


12:30-13:15 Grand Hall

Internal medicine in the 21st century: problems and perspectives (joint plenary session of EFIM, ISIM, RSMSIM and EAAT)

Chairs:F. Bosch (Arnhem, the Netherlands), G.P. Arutyunov (Moscow, Russian Federation), H.P. Kohler (Bern, Switzerland)

  1. Frank Bosch (Arnhem, Netherlands)
  2. Gregory P. Arutyunov (Moscow, Russian Federation)
  3. Hans Peter Kohler (Bern, Switzerland)


13:30-15:00 Hall A

Comorbidity in internal medicine

Chairs: V.S. Moiseev (Moscow, Russian Federation), G. Vescovo (Padova, Italy)

  1. Valentin S. Moiseev, Janna D. Kobalava (Moscow, Russian Federation) "Cardiorenal syndromes: pathogenesis and clinical features of various pathologies"
  2. Giorgio Vescovo (Padova, Italy)Comorbidities in heart failure” 
  3. Vadim I. Mazourov (St.-Petersburg, Russian Federation) The problem of comorbidity in rheumatic diseases
  4. Arkadiy L. Vertkin (Moscow, Russian Federation) «Comorbid patient: a conversation between clinician and pathologist at the autopsy table»
  5. Mekhman N. Mamedov (Moscow, Russian Federation) «Problems of male health and CVD in therapeutic practice»
  6. Tatyana A. Kunyaeva (Saransk, Russian Federation) “COPD and comorbidities”


13:30-15:00 Hall B

Diabetes mellitus

Chairs: P.-M. Schumm-Draeger (Munich, Germany), T.Y. Demidova (Moscow, Russian Federation)

  1. Tatyana Y. Demidova (Moscow, Russian Federation) “Diabetes mellitus in practice of internist: yesterday, today and tomorrow”
  2. Petra-Maria Schumm-Draeger (Munich, Germany) “Actual therapy strategies of Diabetes treatment”
  3. Ashot M. Mkrtumyan (Moscow, Russian Federation) “Diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases”
  4. Dror Dicker (Petach Tikva, Israel) "Are all Glucagon like peptide 1 created equal?"
  5. Rustam I. Sayfutdinov, Olga V. Boeva, Olga V. Bugrova (Orenburg, Russian Federation) «Combined hypolipidemic therapy in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2: cardio and nephroprotective action»


13:30-15:00 Hall C

Chronic heart failure

Chairs: E.V. Shlyakhto (St.-Petersburg, Russian Federation), P. Conthe (Madrid, Spain), Y.N. Belenkov(Moscow, Russian Federation)

  1. Eugeniy V. Shlyakhto (St.-Petersburg, Russian Federation) «Genetic and epigenetic mechanisms in non-ischemic heart failure»
  2. Yuri N. Belenkov(Moscow, Russian Federation) "Gender specific diagnosis and treatment of CHD and chronic heart failure"
  3. Pedro Conthe (Madrid, Spain) Role of internist in heart failure patients”
  4. Sergey N. Tereschenko, Igor V. Zhirov (Moscow, Russian Federation) Chronic heart failure on crossways of internal medicine”
  5. Aleksandr G. Arutyunov (Moscow, Russian Federation) «Clinical phenotypes in patients with congestive heart failure»


13:30-15:00 Hall D


Chairs:V.G. Savchenko (Moscow, Russian Federation), M.H. Kramer (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

  1. Valery G. Savchenko (Moscow, Russian Federation) “Progress in oncohematology”
  2. Mark H. Kramer (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) “New insights in anemia of chronic disease”
  3. Pier Mannucci (Milan, Italy) “Acquired bleeding disorders”
  4. Igor N. Bokarev (Moscow, Russian Federation) “Disseminated intravascular coagulation: view from Russian Federation”
  5. Alexander N. Smirnov, A.E. Baranov (Moscow, Russian Federation) "Radiation disease today"


15:15-16:45 Hall A


Chairs:L.B. Lazebnik (Moscow, Russian Federation), S.V. Moiseev (Moscow, Russian Federation)

  1. Leonid B. Lazebnik (Moscow, Russian Federation) "Heartburn in Russian Federation"
  2. Olesya V. Taratina, Tatyana N. Krasnova, Larisa M. Samohodskaya (Moscow, Russian Federation) “Association of vasoactive genes polymorphisms with portal hypertension and liver fibrosis progression in patients with chronic hepatitis C”
  3. Sergey V. Moiseev, Tatyana M. Ignatova, Svetlana Yu. Milovanova, Lidiya V. Kozlovskaya, Nadezda B. Gordovskaya, Nikolai A. Mukhin (Moscow, Russian Federation) “Additive effects of rituximab and antiviral treatment in HCV-associated cryoglobulinemic vasculitis”
  4. Leonid B. Lazebnik, V.E. Sagynbaeva (Moscow, Russian Federation)“Mesenchymal stromal cells therapy of inflammatory bowel diseases”
  5. Patricia M. Alves, V. Borba, A. Lages, M. Gonçalves, M. Peixoto, D. Branquinho, D. Conceição, I. Domingues, C. Canha, C. Gregório, L. Santos, C. Sofia, A. De Carvalho(Coimbra, Portugal) “Upper-gastrointestinal bleeding in the emergency department: frequency and outcomes of different endoscopy diagnosis”


15:15-16:45 Hall B


Chairs: N.A. Mukhin (Moscow, Russian Federation), R. Palsson (Reykjavik, Iceland)

  1. Runólfur Pálsson (Reykjavik, Iceland) “Acute kidney injury: classification and the role of biomarkers”
  2. Mikhail Yu. Shvetsov, A. Zheng, Lidiya V. Kozlovskaya, Nikolai A. Mukhin (Moscow, Russian Federation) “Urinary and tissue biomarkers of angiogenesis dysregulation in chronic glomerulonephritis: role in progression and target for treatment”
  3. Radovan Hojs (Maribor, Slovenia) “Markers of diabetic kidney disease”
  4. Runólfur Pálsson (Reykjavik, Iceland) “Rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis: diagnosis and therapy”
  5. Gregory P. Arutyunov (Moscow, Russian Federation) «Kidney damage in patients with chronic heart failure and pneumococcal pneumonia»
  6. Nadav Willner, S. Storch, O. Nativ (Haifa, Israel) “Kidney diseases in North Israel according to kidney biopsies – Bnai-Zion medical center 14 years' experience”

15:15-16:45 Hall C

Thrombosis in practice of internist

Chairs: A. Perrier (Geneva, Switzerland), I.S. Yavelov (Moscow, Russian Federation)

  1.  Arnaud Perrier (Geneva, Switzerland) “Pulmonary embolism”
  2. Mark H. Kramer (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) How to diagnose pulmonary embolism in 2015?”
  3. Antonio Riera-Mestre (Barcelona, Spain) “Thrombolysis in hemodinamically stable PE patients”
  4. Igor S. Yavelov (Moscow, Russian Federation) How to choose anticoagulant for prevention of stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation”
  5. Gualberto Gussoni (Milan, Italy) “Thrombosis and cancer”
  6. Nikita V. Lomakin (Moscow, Russian Federation) Individualization of antithrombotic therapy in patients after percutaneous coronary interventions”


15:15-16:45 Hall D

Pregnancy and internal medicine: what should internist know?

Chairs: M.G. Glezer (Moscow, Russian Federation), D. Manfellotto (Rome, Italy)

  1. Anna I. Chestnikova, Olga E. Kolomatskaya (Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation) «Features of cardiovascular pathology on different stages of pregnancy»
  2. Dario Manfellotto (Rome, Italy) Preeclampsia and gestational hypertension”
  3. Anastasya Y. Lebedeva, Ivan G. Gordeev (Moscow, Russian Federation) “Peripartum cardiomyopathy”
  4. Elena Y. Eremina (Saransk, Russian Federation) “Drug-induced hepatitis in pregnant women”
  5. Julya B. Uspenskaya (Moscow, Russian Federation) “Modern possibilities of prevention and treatment of gallstone disease in pregnant women”


17:00-17:40 Hall A

Acute situations in internal medicine (workshop)

Frauke Weidanz(Edinburgh, United Kingdom)


17:00-17:40 Hall B

Atrial fibrillation (workshop)

Daniela Bartos (Bucharest, Romania)


17:00-17:40 Hall C

Drug induced liver disease (workshop)

Tatyana E. Polunina (Moscow, Russian Federation)


17:00-17:40 Hall D

Ultrasound examination for internists (workshop)

Frank Bosch (Arnhem, the Netherlands)


17:50-18:30 Hall A

Syncope management: from admission to discharge (workshop)

Nicola Montano (Milan, Italy)


17:50-18:30 Hall B

Differential diagnosis in internal medicine (workshop)

Chairs: E.O. Taratukhin(Moscow, Russian Federation), S. Rigby (Warwick, UK)

  1. Shirley Rigby (Warwick, United Kingdom) Managing the patient with an acute hot swollen joint”
  2. Vladimir N. Abrosimov, I.B. Ponomareva, N.N. Peregudova (Ryazan, Russian Federation) «Differential diagnosis of dyspnea: ABC»
  3. Evgeny O. Taratukhin(Moscow, Russian Federation) “Differential diagnosis of edema”
  4. Frauke Weidanz(Edinburgh, United Kingdom) ”Differential diagnosis of shock”


17:50-18:30 Hall C

ECG applied to clinic for internist (workshop)

Pedro Conthe (Madrid, Spain)


17:50-18:30 Hall D

How to write medical articles? (workshop)

Pier Mannucci (Milan, Italy)


16 October 2015

08:45-09:45 Hall A

Gastroenterology (oral presentations)

Chairs: E.L. Nikonov (Moscow, Russian Federation)

  1. G.E. Roytberg, Olga O. Sharkhun, J.V. Dorosh (Moscow, Russian Federation)The new metabolic index of insulin resistance diagnosis in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease”
  2. Svetlana V. Lyamina, I.V. Maev, I.Yu. Malyshev (Moscow, Russian Federation) “Additional markers in diagnostics of gastroesophageal reflux disease with pulmonary manifestations and its combination with asthma: surfactant protein D and alveolar macrophages phenotype”
  3. D. Mukhametova, D. Abdulganieva, O. Zinkevich, N. Saphina, M. Koporulina, A. Odintsova (Kazan, Russian Federation) “Evaluation of the fecal neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin in patients with different ulcerative colitis behavior”
  4. Mohammadreza Abdollahi, N.K. Ekrami, A. Pouri, M. Ghojazadeh, F.P. Azar, H.K. Farahani, M.H. Somi (Tabriz, Iran) “Non-invasive serum fibrosis markers: A study in chronic hepatitis”
  5. G. Quintero-Platt, E. González-Reimers, Pérez-Hernández O., M.C. Martín-González, P. Abreu-González, A. Pérez-Ramírez, E.M. Ponce, C. Jorge-Ripper (Tenerife, Spain) Alpha-Klotho levels, liver function and short term mortality in a cohort of alcoholic patients”
  6. Morteza Ghojazadeh, F.P. Azar, M.R. Abdollahi, N.J. Mehran Rahimi, M.H. Somi (Tabriz, Iran)“Survival time of patients with gastric cancer in Iran: a meta-analysis”


08:45-09:45 Hall B

Cardiology (oral presentations)

Chairs: Yu.V. Kotovskaya (Moscow, Russian Federation), R. Ceska (Prague, Czech Republic)

  1. Nadezda P. Lyamina, A. Nalivaeva, S.V. Lyamina, V. Senchikhin, T. Lipchanskaya (Saratov, Moscow, Russian Federation) “Detection of masked arterial hypertension in young age female and male population in screening”
  2. Patricia Rubio-Marín, A. Michán, L.P. De Isla, R. Alonso, F. Fuentes-Jiménez, O. Muñiz, J.L. Díaz, R. Andrés, A.M. Hidalgo, P. Miramontes, L. Manjón, P.M. López (Jerez de la Frontera, Madrid, Spain) “Familial hypercholesterolemia: treatment and therapeutic targets in the SAFEHEART follow-up study (Spanish Familial Hypercholesterolemia Longitudinal Cohort Study)”
  3. Anastasia M. Kochergina, V.V. Kashtalap, O.L. Barbarash (Kemerovo, Russian Federation) “STEMI issues in the elderly”
  4. Elena V. Reznik, G.E. Gendlin, G.I. Storozhakov (Moscow, Russian Federation) “Mineral and bone disorder in chronic heart failure patients”
  5. Eyal Fuchs, S. Asakly, A. Karban, I.Tzoran(Haifa, Israel) “The age adjusted cutoff plasma level of D-dimer for ruling out acute pulmonary embolism”
  6. Nataya Solís Marquínez, J. González Vallés, A. García Morán, A. García Vallina, R. Fernández Regueiro, E. Fonseca Aizpuru (Gijón, Spain) “Pulmonary embolism in young adults”


08:45-09:45 Hall C

Rheumatology (oral presentations)

Chairs: E.V. Zhilyaev (Moscow, Russian Federation), S. Rigby (Warwick, UK)

  1. D.A. Anichkov, E.V. Tsareva, N.A. Shostak, V.T. Timofeev (Moscow, Russian Federation) “Cardiovascular risk in rheumatoid arthritis: does obstructive sleep apnea play a role?”
  2. V.V. Badokin, Tatiana V. Mezenova, A.V. Yanysheva (Moscow, Russian Federation)Cardiovascular risk in patients with psoriatic arthritis
  3. Alina Dima, C. Delcea, P. Balanescu, E. Balanescu, C. Badea, A. Buzea, R. Ionescu, C. Baicus, G.A. Dan (Bucharest, Romania)Reynolds risk score for assessing the cardiovascular risk in systemic lupus erythematosus”
  4. Polina S. Dydykina, E.V. Petrova, I.S. Dydykina, A.V. Smirnov, S.M. Glukhova, E.L.Nasonov (Moscow, Russian Federation) “Influence of denosumab on bone mineral density, structural damage in patients with osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis, depending to anti-inflammatory therapy”
  5. Javier Marco-Hernández, S. Prieto-González, R. Gilabert, J.C. Milisenda, A. Jerez, P. Arguis, G. Espígol-Frigolé, J. Hernández-Rodríguez, M.C. Cid (Barcelona, Spain)Pericardial involvement in biopsy-proven giant-cell arteritis patients detected by CT angiography: prevalence at diagnosis and outcome with glucocorticoid treatment”
  6. Мaria А. Satybaldyeva, N.V. Seredavkina, L.N. Kashnikova, M.N. Semenova, T.M. Reshetnyak (Moscow, Russian Federation) “Rheumatoid arthritis and venous thromboembolic events”


08:45-13:15 Hall D

Young Internists Day

Chairs: Ieva Ruza (Riga, Latvia), Carla Araujo (Castelo Branco, Portugal)

8:45 - 9:45     Ten years of Young Internists - Mine Durusu Tanriover (Ankara, Turkey)

                      Keynote lecture: Choosing wisely - Arnaud Perrier (Geneva, Switzerland)

10:00 - 11:30 Clinical Gymnasium: Three interactive Case Presentations

                      Moderators: Shirley Rigby (Warwick, United Kingdom), Monique Slee-Valentijn     

                     (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

11:45 - 13:15 Young Internists in Russia - Tatyana Vishchipanova (Moscow, Russian Federation)                                     

                       Cookbook Medicine or Creative Chaos: A debate on protocolized care

                        Moderator: Mine Durusu Tanriover (Ankara, Turkey)

                        Speakers: Alberto Marra (Naples, Italy), Frauke Weidanz (Edinburgh, United Kingdom)

                        FDIME: Opportunities for Young Internists - Daniel Sereni (Paris, France)


10:00-11:30 Hall A

Sleep disorders

Chairs:N. Montano (Milan, Italy), V.V. Shchekotov (Perm, Russian Federation), A.L. Kalinkin(Moscow, Russian Federation)

  1. Nicola Montano (Milan, Italy) “The new epidemic of sleep apnea: from snoring to death
  2. Vladimir V. Shchekotov (Perm, Russian Federation) “Resistant hypertension and poor controlled dyslipidemia in severe obstructive sleep apnea”
  3. Natalya A. Shnayder (Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation) “Exacerbation of epilepsy by sleep obstructive apnoea”
  4. Yuri V. Sviryaev, Oxana P. Rotar, Ludmila S. Korostovtceva, Mikhail V. Bochkarev, Y. Balanova, Svetlana A. Shalnova, Alexandra O. Conradi, Sergey A. Boytsov, Eugeniy V. Shlyakhto (Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Russian Federation) “Results of the epidemiological study ESSE-RF - the first epidemiological data about sleep in Russian population"
  5. Alexander L. Kalinkin(Moscow, Russian Federation) «New screening tool for identification of sleep breathing disorders based on the analysis of acoustic signal of snore and pauses of breathing cycle»


10:00-11:30 Hall B

Arterial hypertension

Chairs: I.E. Chazova (Moscow, Russian Federation), R. Gans (Groningen, the Netherlands), B. Lovic (Nis, Serbia)

  1. Irina E. Chazova (Moscow, Russian Federation) "Arterial hypertension: yesterday, today, tomorrow”
  2. Rijk Gans (Groningen, the Netherlands) “Hypertension, what is new in 2015”
  3. Anatoly N. Britov (Moscow, Russian Federation) "The value of organ lesions in arterial hypertension”
  4. Dragan Lovic (Nis, Serbia) “Periopertaive management of hypertension therapy in non cardiac surgery”
  5. Anna I. Chestnikova, Maria S. Lankina, Nataljya S. Skarzhinskaya (Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation) «Features of arterial hypertension at patients with a hypothyroidism»
  6. Olga I. Boeva, G.Y. Khayt, N.Y. Binatova (Stavropol, Russian Federation)"Clinical phenotypes of arterial hypertension in young and middle-aged adults with anxiety disorders"


10:00-11:30 Hall C

Emergency medicine

Chairs: R. Streuli (Langenthal, Switzerland), V.A. Kokorin (Moscow, Russian Federation)

  1. Rolf Streuli (Langenthal, Switzerland) “Leadership in the event of a catastrophe. Experiences from medical missions in Banda Aceh and Haiti”
  2. Vladimir L. Doshchitsin (Moscow, Russian Federation) “Controversial problems of antiarrhythmic drug therapy”
  3. Jindrich Spinar, J. Parenica, J. Jarkovsky, L. Spinarova, J. Vitovec, M. Soucek, L. Labrova (Brno, Czech Republic) “AHEAD score – long-term risk classification in acute heart failure”
  4. Vladimir P. Terentiev, Alexey V. Khripun, Yaroslav V. Kulikovskikh (Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation) "Results of bioresorbable vascular scaffolds use for treatment of acute myocardial infarction with ST-segment elevation"
  5. Anatoliy I. Martynov, Andrey A. Spassky, Valentin A. Kokorin (Moscow, Russian Federation) “Novel biomarkers in cardiology: focus on hFABP”
  6. Francesco Dentali, A. Mazzone, M. La Regina, E. Foglia, et al. (Varese, Italy) “Clinical features, short term mortality and prognostic risk factors of septic patients admitted to internal medicine units: an Italian multicenter prospective study”


11:45-13:15 Hall A

Obesity / metabolic disorders

Chairs: N.I. Volkova (Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation), M. Lember (Tartu, Estonia)

  1. Ion Bruckner (Bucharest, Romania) "Obesity revisited. What is the reality?"
  2. Tatyana Y. Demidova (Moscow, Russian Federation) Lifestyle modification - a rarely-used tool against obesity”
  3. Natalya I. Volkova (Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation) "Brown fat and obesity: what are the perspectives?"
  4. A.A. Turmukhambetova, Ye.M. Laryushina, L.G. Turgunova, Dinara N. Sheryazdanova, F.U. Nildibaeva, D.T. Amirkhanova, N.V.Vassilyeva (Karaganda, Kazakhstan) “Gender and age differences in the prevalence of obesity among adults in Central Kazakhstan: cross-sectional study”
  5. Denisa Predeteanu (Bucharest, Romania) “Gout: new insights in pathogenesis and treatment”


11:45-13:15 Hall B

Non-coronary heart diseases

Chairs: A. Brucato (Bergamo, Italy), A.A. Demin (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation),S.R. Gilarevsky (Moscow, Russian Federation)

  1. Antonio Brucato (Bergamo, Italy) "The new guidelines on pericardial diseases; an overview for the internist"
  2. Sergey R. Gilarevsky (Moscow, Russian Federation) “Modern conceptions of myocarditis”
  3. Alexandr A. Demin (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation) “Infectious endocarditis-2015”
  4. V. Stavi, E. Brandstaetter, T. Porges, Leonid Barski (Beer Sheva, Israel)“Comparison of clinical and laboratory characteristics and prognosis in patients with right and left sided infective endocarditis”*
  5. Yuliya L. Venevtseva (Tula, Russian Federation) “Current approach on diagnosis and treatment of cardiomyopathy”
  6. Alexandr V. Yagoda, Olga I. Boeva, E.V. Sheglova (Stavropol, Russian Federation) "Genetic predictors of calcified aortic valve disease"


11:45-13:15 Hall C


Chairs: V.I. Trofimov (St.-Petersburg, Russian Federation), P. Pauletto (Padova, Italy)

  1. Paolo Pauletto (Padova, Italy) COPD as a systemic, multifaceted disease”
  2. Vasiliy I. Trofimov (St.-Petersburg, Russian Federation) "The syndrome of the decussation of bronchial asthma and COPD, features of pathogenesis and clinical course"
  3. Marine G. Gambaryan(Moscow, Russian Federation)«Standardised mortality and prevalence of chronic respiratory diseases in Russian Arctic: regional distinctions. Results of National population study»
  4. Marina V. Lebedeva, E.N. Popova, A.V. Ponomarev, I.A. Popova, Victor V. Fomin (Moscow, Russian Federation) Clinical significance of serum  and tissue vascular endothelial growth factor level in patients with  pulmonary fibrosis”
  5. Kirill A. Zykov(Moscow, Russian Federation) “Modern approaches to the classification of chronic obstructive lung diseases - physician headache?”


13:25-14:10 Grand Hall

Overdiagnosis, overtreatment and medical errors (plenary session)

Chairs:L. Kotic (Prague, Czech Republic), L. Campos (Lisbon, Portugal)

  1. Lubos Kotic (Prague, Czech Republic) “Overdiagnosis and  overtreatment - problem  of  modern medicine“
  2. Rijk Gans (Groningen, the Netherlands) “Diagnostic errors in clinical reasoning”
  3. Luis Campos (Lisbon, Portugal) "Why doctors fail the diagnosis?"


14:20-15:00 Grand Hall

Healthcare organization and internal medicine (plenary session)

Chair: A.I. Martynov (Moscow, Russian Federation), A. Baptista (Loures, Portugal)

  1.     Antonio Baptista (Loures, Portugal) "New models of hospital organization in Europe"
  2.     Xavier Corbella (Barcelona, Spain) “Internists leading major ambulatory medicine as an alternative to standard hospitalization: an opportunity and not a loss”


15:15-16:45 Hall A

Treatment and care of elderly patients

Chairs: P. Mannucci (Milan, Italy), N.A. Koziolova (Perm, Russian Federation)

  1. Pier Mannucci (Milan, Italy) “Multimorbidities and appropriateness of related polypharmacy in the elderly”
  2. Natalya A. Koziolova (Perm, Russian Federation) «Rational choice of antidiabetic therapy in elderly patients with diabetes mellitus and coronary heart disease»
  3. Hans Peter Kohler (Bern, Switzerland)“The ageing population and multimorbidity – what type of physician do we need in the future?”
  4. Monique Slee-Valentijn (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) Elderly cancer patients; do we need a different approach?
  5. Vera N. Larina, Boris Ya. Bart (Moscow, Russian Federation)“Congestive heart failure and concomitant diseases in elderly patients”


15:15-16:45 Hall B

Current challenges in internal medicine

Chairs:S.A. Boytsov (Moscow, Russian Federation), D. Sereni (Paris, France)

  1. Sergey A. Boytsov (Moscow, Russian Federation) "Prevention of non-communicable diseases in the Russian Federation - successes and challenges"
  2. Daniel Sereni (Paris, France) "Adherence to treatment: a challenge to healthcare system"
  3. Dmitri A. Sytchev (Moscow, Russian Federation) "Pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics in internal medicine practice in Russian Federation"
  4. Nailya N. Mazitova (Moscow, Russian Federation) «European and Russian Lists of occupational diseases: lessons learnt»
  5. Marina I. Saveleva (Moscow, Russian Federation) "Therapeutic drug monitoring a new tool for personalized internal medicine"
  6. Alexandr L. Khokhlov (Yaroslavl, Russian Federation)"Analysis of the organization and conduct of clinical studies in healthy volunteers in the Russian Federation "


15:15-16:45 Hall C

Lipidology and atherosclerosis

Chairs: M.I. Voevoda (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation), L.A. Sala (Madrid, Spain)

  1. Luis Alvarez Sala (Madrid, Spain) "New trends in hypolipidemic therapy: focus on PCSK9 inhibitors"
  2. Sergey Y. Martsevich (Moscow, Russian Federation) «Assessment of quality of hypolipidemic therapy by means of ambulatory registries»
  3. Richard Ceska (Prague, Czech Republic) Familial hypercholesterolemia 2015 – diagnosis, screening and recent therapy“
  4. Yuri I. Ragino, Mikhail I. Voevoda, Svetlana K. Malyutina et al. (Novosibirsk, Russian Federation) "Atherogenic oxidative-antioxidative changes of low density lipoproteins, coronary heart disease and 7-year unfavorable long-term results in men population of Novosibirsk"
  5. Tatiana V. Popkova, Diana S. Novikova (Moscow, Russian Federation) «Dyslipidemia in rheumatic disease: now we know more and should do more»
  6. Andrey G. Obrezan (St.-Petersburg, Russian Federation) "Atherogenesis and intestinal microbiota"


15:15-16:45 Hall D

Prioritizing weight control to improve long-term outcomes(satellite symposium sponsored by Novo Nordisk A/S)

Chairs: A. Astrup(Copenhagen,Denmark)

  1. Arne Astrup (Copenhagen, Denmark) Welcome and introduction
  2. Uberto Pagotto (Bologna,Italy) “Physiological mechanisms of weight loss and maintenance”
  3. Jason Halford (Liverpool, United Kingdom) “Targeting the brain-gut axis for weight control”
  4. Arne Astrup (Copenhagen, Denmark)Pharmacological options for weight control”
  5. All faculty “Appropriate intervention against excess body weight”

17:00-17:45 Grand Hall

Rare diseases (plenary session)

Chairs: M.D. Cappellini (Milan, Italy), E.Y. Zakharova (Moscow, Russian Federation)

  1.     Lorenzo Dagna (Milan, Italy) “Rare diseases. What they are and when to think of them”
  2.     Ekaterina Y. Zakharova (Moscow, Russian Federation) “Access to Orphan drugs in Russian Federation”
  3.     Maria Domenica Cappellini (Milan, Italy) “The porphyrias: understanding the complexity of rare diseases from clinical practice”


18:00-18:30 Grand Hall

Closing ceremony