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Abstracts' Book

The Abstracts' Book of the 14th European Congress of Internal Medicine (ECIM 2015) is available in digital format HERE

Poster presentation printing services


Poster presentation printing services

Scientific organizing committee of the 14th European Congress of Internal Medicine is glad to offer poster presentation printing services.

Poster presentation printing costs 60 EUROS. We kindly ask you to send us your poster presentation layout according the requirements as well as payment no later than September 20th, 2015.

In case you have additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us :


Requirements to layout for large-format printing

The poster sizes must be 120 cm vertical and 95 cm horizontal.

All-significant elements of the poster should not deviate by less than 50 mm from the edge of the stand.

All-important colors (corporate colors, logos) should be listed under the scale Pantone Process Color.

The lettering of the poster heading should be at least 2.5 cm high. Detailed information should be provided in a smaller type, but remember that your text must be easily readable from distances of at least 1 meter.



File Format - TIFF uncompressed, EPS.

Color model -CMYK.

Files should not contain alpha channels, layers or paths (except clipping paths in EPS) File should be from 100 to 150 dpi To all gradient fills in the bitmap file is to be applied filter “Monocromatic noise” in order to avoid the appearance of" steps ". All areas of "pure" colors should be checked for the presence of extraneous areas of color.



File Format - Adobe Illustrator (desirable) (Mac, PC), EPS.

Color model (including imported bitmaps) - CMYK.

Lines and contours should not contain more than 700 nodes.

All texts must be converted to curves.

The minimum thickness of lines should be 0,2 mm.

The minimum font size of 12 points (3 mm) For imported images in the layout should be given the original raster files The Congress does not follow the spelling and factual errors in the texts, as well as technical errors in the files of the customer.